Volume 3 Number 9 , January - March, 2017

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The study tends to assess the quality of groundwater for irrigation purpose. The following parameters were analyses using America Public Health Association APHA standard method: PH, Turbidity, Electrical Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solid (TDS), Mg2+, SO4 2- , Cl- , K + , Na2+, HCO3 - , Ca2+ and NO3- . PH ranges from (5.27- 7.21), TDS ranges from (0.34-687.5mgL-1 ), Mg2+ ranges from (0.00- 1.97meq/L), SO4 2- ranges from (0.00-2.06 meq/L), Cl- ranges from (0.19-12.52 meq/L), K+ ranges from (0.04-0.21 meq/L), Na2+ ranges from (0.05 – 0.38meq/L), HCO3 - ranges from (0.00-0.25 meq/L), Ca2+ ranges from (0.51-6.00 meq/L) and NO3- ranges from (0.00 -1.19 meq/L). As for irrigation parameters analyzed EC, Na%, MAR, SSP, SAR, KR, PI, TH and RSBC their value were below the set standard for irrigation

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