About the Journal

Indian Journal of Science is a peer reviewed Magazine published by Discovery publication. The Journal publishes innovative and groundbreaking research and reviews. It turns to be a platform for scientific discussion of all the aspects of science, nature, and technology. The Journal has been created to facilitate exchange of information about the latest scientific discoveries to stimulate the global research activities. The Journal covers :

Author Instructions

Indian Journal of Science publishes articles and reports in a wide range of subject areas: science, nature, and technology. Articles being considered for publication elsewhere or published previously will not be considered. All material submitted for publication will be reviewed and edited to meet the standards. Copyright for material accepted for publication will transfer to the publisher. The journal publishes papers in English and paper should have an abstract in English of up to 100-400 words.

Send original copy of manuscripts (including tables & figures), and list of 7 reviewers to:

The Editor-in-Chief
Indian Journal of Science
E-mail: discoverypublication@discoverypublication.com

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