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Article Processing Charge

Open access publishing does have its costs. Since Discovery Publication does not have subscription charges for its research content it can defray publishing costs from the Article Processing Charges. This is because Discovery Publication believes that the interests of the scientific community can best be served by an immediate, worldwide, unlimited, open access to the full text of research articles. Information regarding authors’ payment are not made available to editors and reviewers ensuring that they cannot be influenced in their selection of papers for publication by payment conditions or limitations.
The Article Processing Charge for publication in this journal is INR 2150/- for India and for overseas USD 150 only (plus VAT, if applicable). Our fees cover the costs of peer review, copyediting, publication, different format of publication (HTML, PDF), inclusion in many Open Access databases.
All bank charges shall be borne by the payer. The submitting author assumes responsibility for the Article Processing Charges, and Discovery Publication will not issue refunds of any kind.

IMPORTANT: Authors are NOT required to pay at the moment of submission. If the paper is accepted, the Managing Editor will guide the Authors through the payment procedure.