Aim & Scope

Discovery Engineering journal belonging to engineering researchers of electrical, electronics, computational, industrial engineering in diverse fields such as science, nature, technology, medicine, agriculture, environment, forestry, ocean, water. Discovery Engineering publishes primary and advanced research works in all areas including;

  • Civil engineering (Architectural, Construction, Earthquake, Hydraulic, Mining, Structural, Geotechnical, Transportation)
  • Mechanical engineering (Aerospace, Acoustical, Automotive, Marine, Mechatronics, Optical, Railway)
  • Electrical engineering (Computer, Electronics, Electromechanics, Power, Photonics, Telecommunications, Radio Frequency)
  • Chemical engineering (Biochemical, Biological, Molecular, Nanotechnology, Process, Reaction, Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena)
  • Interdisciplinary (Mathematics and Computing Engineering, Biomedical, Environmental, Industrial, Materials science, Military, Nuclear, Systems)