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Climate change journal is a leading and official magazine of discovery publication. Climate change is a multidisciplinary international series dedicated to publishing with wide-scale research on the science of climate change, climatic variations, its responses and impacts on biology, medicine, economy, policy and society. Climate change journal publishes innovative research across the earth, environmental and life sciences on issues related to climatic variations. The journal decisively follows the high quality standards to publishing original research, analysis, survey, reviews and opinion. Climate change follows a fair and rigorous double-blind review method to publishing research works with international standard. The motive of the journal is exchange awareness among those working in diverse disciplines and every individual person to stop climate change in all the possible way.

Climate change is an informative magazine to even all peoples not only researches to take measures for save climate. It publishes four frequencies per year (January, April, July and October). It covers Climate change scenario in any discipline like geosciences, environmental sciences, marine sciences, biology, life sciences, geo-engineering, environmental engineering, marine engineering, climatology, meteorology, oceanography, geography, geology, health science, law, economics, agriculture, hydrology, ecology and atmospheric sciences.

Climate change journal deals with past, present and future global changes in environmental scenario regards global warming, ice age, atmospheric pollution, mass species extinction, ozone depletion, climate vulnerability, climate impacts, climate responses, extreme climates, man-made climate change, climate smart agriculture, changes in glaciers, ocean acidification, sea-level change, climate adaption, climate mitigation, climate based construction, Soli & land related changes, climate based migration, climate related health issues, environmental toxicity, ground water quality, climate economics, climate algorithms & model, disaster risks, earthquake related climate change, emission of CO2, climate law and policy.

Climate change journal interested to publishing high quality research papers from academics, societies and institutions through conference and symposium. We are introducing a special section to publish for every issue in our journal. In this section, we are publishing minimum 10 analyses, reviews & opinions on the following special titles. For that we are inviting efficient EDITORs worldwide from Geoscience, Environmental science & Climate Change disciplines. Editors can collect and review the articles to publish in our journal. The article should be from diverse countries.

If you are interested to act as a special issue editor, contact us: discoverypublication@discoverypublication.com. Few titles for special section as mentioned below;


Vol 3 Issue 10, April - June 2017

Author Instructions

Climate Change publishes articles and reports in a wide range of subject areas: Global, Planetary & Space Environmental Changes. Articles being considered for publication elsewhere or published previously will not be considered. All material submitted for publication will be reviewed and edited to meet the standards of Climate Change. Copyright for material accepted for publication will transfer to the publisher. The journal publishes papers in English and paper should have an abstract in English of up to 100-400 words.

Send original copy of manuscripts (including tables & figures), and list of 7 reviewers to:

The Editor-in-Chief
Climate Change
E-mail: discoverypublication@discoverypublication.com

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