Aim & Scope

The magazine is an international peer-reviewed journal, aims to serve the research world with significant advances in Chemical sciences. It strives to be a very diverse magazine and topics in Chemical science fields will be considered for publication. Although not limited to the following, some general topics include:

Physical chemistry

Chemical kinetics, Chemical physics, Electrochemistry, Femtochemistry, Geochemistry, Photochemistry, Quantum chemistry, Solid-state chemistry, Spectroscopy, Surface science, Thermochemistry

Organic chemistry

Biochemistry, Bioorganic chemistry, Biophysical chemistry, Chemical biology, Fullerene chemistry, Medicinal chemistry, Neurochemistry, Organic chemistry, Pharmacy, Physical organic chemistry, Polymer chemistry

Inorganic chemistry

Bioinorganic chemistry, Cluster chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Materials science, Nuclear chemistry, Organometallic chemistry


Actinide chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Astrochemistry, Chemistry education, Click chemistry, Computational chemistry, Cosmochemistry, Environmental chemistry, Food chemistry, Forensic chemistry, Green chemistry, Supramolecular chemistry, Theoretical chemistry, Wet chemistry