About the Journal

Species Journal is an international, peer reviewed Magazine published by Discovery publication. It was established in October 2012 and is published by the Discovery Publication. Species Journal delivers exciting primary and advanced species-discovery research from all areas of biology, from molecular biology to evolution in Species. This publication is aimed at a broad, interdisciplinary audience of academic and industry researchers actively involved in scientific research. Species Journal features discovery-research and commentary in all kinds of species in biology. Species Journal broadly covers;

Vol 18, Issue 58, January - March 2017

Author Instructions

Species Journal is broadly valued among biological and life scientists for its unique blend of important research papers, case studies, reviews, perspectives and news in every Taxonomic rank of Species. Articles being considered for publication elsewhere or published previously will not be considered. All material submitted for publication will be reviewed and edited to meet the standards of Species. Copyright for material accepted for publication will transfer to the publisher. The journal publishes papers in English and paper should have an abstract in English of up to 100-400 words.

Send original copy of manuscripts (including tables & figures), and list of 7 reviewers to:

The Editor-in-Chief
E-mail: discoverypublication@discoverypublication.com

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